Children between the ages of 6 and 11 attend Primaire in the French educational system. At the CSI, the Primaire is situated in a distinct area of the school building, with its own dedicated entrance and playground.

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In addition to the French National education programme, every child in the English section’s primary department spends six hours per week in his/her English class with a fully qualified, English mother tongue teacher.

These six hours are organised over three different school days as two morning sessions of approximately one and a half hours each and one afternoon session of three hours.

There are usually two classes per year level (in the Anglophone Section). Class sizes vary; they are usually around 14 but are never more than 20.

Differentiation of activities, together with a variety of teaching methods and resources corresponding to those generally used in the English-speaking world are used in all lessons to meet the needs and learning styles of the children. Joint planning meetings for each year level take place weekly to ensure that all children have equal access to the curriculum.

Weekly (for the younger children) or fortnightly visits are made to the primary school library with parent volunteers. Some special events are arranged during the year e.g. science week, cookery, drama. These may be part of the ‘whole primary school project’ put in place each school year, involving all children in all the language sections (examples so far: painting the school fresco, drama, poetry).

Aims and Objectives

  • to provide a caring environment which encourages learning
  • to understand the different needs and learning styles of individual children and differentiate accordingly
  • to allow children to develop their speaking and listening skills by working in various situations (whole class, small groups and pairs to achieve a joint result), as well as through drama activities and discussions and debates
  • to understand and identify the features of a variety of text genres
  • to read with understanding and for pleasure
  • to plan, draft and review, with the aim of improving their own writing

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Further details (in French and English) about the functioning of the Primary school are to be found on the CSI primary school website

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