At the CSI most children have lunch at school. There are three self-service canteens in the school, serving good quality, value for money, balanced meals for Primary, Collège and Lycée students.

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Service starts at 11.30 hrs and ends at 13.00 hrs

The meal is composed of four dishes:

  • Starter : choice of either a green salad or two alternatives such as raw carrot salad, cheese…
  • Main course : Meat or Fish accompagned by vegetables and a  a carbohydrate such as Potato or Pasta. Vegetarian and special diet choices are available by written request at the start of the school year.
  • Dairy product : Cheese or Yoghurt
  • Dessert : fruit or dairy dessert or pastry


Service starts at 11.45 and ends at 14.30

Composition of the meal :

  • A starter from  a choice of 3 or 4 one of which is a raw vegetable
  • Two choices of main course
  • Vegetable and / or a carbohydrate such as Potato or Pasta
  • Cheese or a yoghurt
  • A choice of 3 or 4 desserts, one of which is fresh fruit.

Primary Parents are billed at the end of each month and a restaurant card system operates for the collège and Lycée which must be paid termly, in advance.