Practical information

Visit the Key Dates page for information on school holidays and public holidays.

School Insurance

The school requires that all students be covered by a personal liability insurance policy (“Assurance Scolaire”) in the unlikely event of injury or accident to themselves or another pupil. Sometimes this is included in your household insurance but as this is not always the case, it is advisable to check.


At the CSI most children have lunch at school. There are three self-service canteens in the school, serving good quality, value for money, balanced meals for Primary, Collège and Lycée students. Click for more information.


The School is accessible by Lyon public transport (TCL) and is close to the main road networks. There are also dedicated school buses that take the students to and from the school from all over the city and surrounding area. More information.

Parent Groups

There are various parent groups to help you and your children settle into life in the CSI. More information on parent groups, including the Welcome Committee.