History & Geography teaching programmes

The History-Geography department is a joint history and geography programme based on the content of the French National Curriculum yet with an approach characteristic of the learning and teaching styles in English-speaking countries.

Students in the collège (6ème to 3ème) and Seconde are taught two hours of the programme by Anglophone Section teachers and two hours by their French history/geography teachers. In Première, section hours increase to three and in Terminale to four hours in preparation for the OIB History/Geography exam.

While the programme in history is roughly chronological from the civilizations of the Ancient world up to the contemporary era, emphasis is placed on the comparison of historical themes in different periods. The geography program focuses on an exploration of the interaction between human activity and the physical environment. Students are assessed on a regular basis to determine their progress and identify areas for improvement.

Aims & Objectives

  • To develop the skills of historians and geographers
  • To encourage students to become independent learners through active and cooperative participation in individual and group work
  • To promote inquiry-based projects, IT research skills, and critical thinking activities
  • To foster understanding and appreciation of the diversity of human experience across time and place