The Anglophone section is always looking for help in the following areas:

Library and Film Clubs
These clubs, highly appreciated by pupils and their family need dedicated, reliable volunteers to keep them open throughout the school year. It is highly desirable that volunteers be present on a weekly basis in the libraries. The commitment is roughly 2hrs per week.

Further Education & Careers Counselling
Working with the section teachers to provide an effective counselling service for students wishing to pursue further education. Helping to create a resource (online preferably) of higher education institutes and the possibilities they offer to APESA Students. Volunteers are needed to help build a networking tool to maintain links with APESA alumni who can provide an excellent further education (and career) resource.

Working with the Head of Section to develop an IT strategy for the Section and providing insight into relevant short and long term trends in IT, proposing solutions that match the needs of the section which includes Computers, Tablets, the Website, Alumni online community, library system and other collaborative tools.
If you are interested in any of these areas please contact Karin Rovere-Triviere