Theatre Club

  • Open to students from 5eme upwards
  • Once a week
  • Salle des Conferences

The Theatre Club has been running in the Anglophone Section of the CSI for many years. We encourage co-operation, teamwork and fun as we try to put on a successful production (sometimes two) each year. The type of play has been very varied, from serious drama such as Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’ to more informal, home-made constructions such as our ‘Skit-zo-phrenia.’ We have adapted plays around the cast, often including new scenes to showcase our talents, as we did with Willie Russell’s ‘Our Day Out.’ This has been necessary as the numbers of students in Theatre Club has continued to increase over time. For ‘Grease’ in 2009, for example, there were over 30 members of the cast and crew. In 2010, for our production of ‘Bugsy Malone’ we were close to 40!

There has always been a place for everyone in Theatre Club, although auditions are held during the summer term to determine the main roles for the following year. Productions have been self-financing (from ticket sales and, latterly, from the bar and refreshment sales too) with any profit going towards improving the theatre facilities. We have bought new lighting, and in 2010 invested in a wireless microphone system. Performances have been full length, and of a high quality. The students take rehearsals and performances very seriously, and are committed to doing a good job.

The Theatre Club really welcomes the help and support of parents and other volunteers in the areas of costume, hair and make-up, especially during actual production periods. If you want to help in any of these area, please contact the APESA office.

Previous performances :

Bugsy Malone, Blood Brothers & Oliver Twist, 2B or not 2B, The Importance of Being Earnest, A View From The Bridge…

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