Theatre Club

  • COLLEGE Open to students from 5eme-3eme (meets once a week after school)
  • LYCEE Open to all students from 2de upwards (timetable determined by Lycée students) 

    The Theatre Club has been running in the Anglophone Section of the CSI for many years. Past productions have included serious drama such as Shakesepare’s The Tempest, Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’ to Bugsy Malone, Blood Brothers & Oliver Twist, 2B or not 2B, The Importance of Being Earnest, and A View From The Bridge.

    In recent years  the theater club has split into two groups, College and Lycée. The College group often boasts around 20-30 students and is supervised by Anglophone teachers with a background in dramatic arts as well as volunteer theater professionals.  The Collége Club has performed many original works in recent years (titles include: Shakespeare vs. Superman: The Apocalypse, It’s All Greek To Me, the “This is Who We Are” project -a mix of student-generated monologues and musical numbers, and  Once upon a teen) all adapted to give every member a significant presence on stage.  The Collége Club is lucky to have both a strong core of student volunteers who help out every spring with set and prop design and box office management and a supportive group of parents who help with costumes, rehearsals and running lines.

    The Lycée Club has performed both new creations and adapted old ones and operates more independently than the Collége club.  Though supervised by an Anglophone teacher, the Lycée students choose their productions and gain experience preparing the entire production mostly on their own.

    Both theater clubs run on the principle that acting is, as the late Philipe Seymour once put it,  “hard fun.” Students laugh and enjoy themselves but they also learn that dedication and investment are essential for a strong production.  In our opinion, students who participate in the clubs gain a tremendous amount in focus, confidence and overall performance skills all while learning how to cooperate with others. Skills also tend to spill over into their other academic classes by making them better presenters and readers of literature among other things.  Productions have generally been self-financing (from ticket sales and, occasionally, from the bar and refreshment sales too) with any profit invested into future productions.

    The drama productions are open to the general public and the club encourages any wannabe performers, family members, theater lovers and friends to come and support club members. They will be amazed by the professionalism and commitment of these CSI students. As a rule, productions tend to be in May or June.  Hope to see you there!

Previous performances :

Bugsy Malone, Blood Brothers & Oliver Twist, 2B or not 2B, The Importance of Being Earnest, A View From The Bridge…

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