Model United Nations

Model United Nations

The Model United Nations is a debating club, open to mainly Lycée students, and run in the school.

Each week the students debate current events using the debating procedure followed at the United Nations. In addition they prepare for their participation as delegates of a designated countries in larger events such as ILYMUN (see below for more information).

See Model UN Headquarters for more information on Model United Nations activities.

ILYMUN – International Lyon Model United Nations

Since 2013, the high school students of the Cité Scolaire Internationale in collaboration with the students of the International School of Lyon have organised and staged a three day international conference. Although a whole school project, the anglophone section has heavily invested in this project via its students and supporting teaching and staff.

The conference brings together almost 500 high school students from French and international schools. During the conference the students are divided into committees where they participate in debates in English. Each committee will create documents calling for action on specific themes. Guest speakers intervene in all of the committees. The conference is supported by groups of students who function in their role in administration, chairs, publicity, logistics and press. The conference requires the active engagement of the anglophone section students throughout the year.

Participation in the organisation and running  of the conference helps the students develop their knowledge of event management; their knowledge of international issues, diplomacy and conflict management; their communication and interpersonal skills .

The theme of the 2020 Ilymun is WATER – a thirst for change. It will be held in the Hotel de Region on 30th January-1st February 2020