Extra-curricular activities

All of us in the Anglophone section are convinced of the importance of the pursuit and development of young people’s talents and interests outside of their normal school subjects which is why we run a varied programme of extra-curricular activities designed to give our students (and those of the rest of the school who are, of course, most welcome to join too) an opportunity to try out something new or to progress in an already familiar area.

The activities listed are those organised by the Anglophone section teachers to help your children become fully rounded young adults with developed personal skills and an interest in the world around them. Other activities are available through the CSI with our French colleagues.

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Clubs and Activities

In addition to the school timetable, there are many clubs and activities that take place during the lunch break and/or after school. Find out more about clubs and activities within the Anglophone section.


Trips are an important part of the teaching programme. They help not only to reinforce the lessons learnt in class but also to forge a sense of friendship and solidarity between the pupils. Find out more about trips within the Anglophone section.


The Anglophone section and Intersec help organise many events for pupils throughout the school year. Find out more about events within the Anglophone section.