English teaching programmes

Students in the Anglophone section have four hours a week (five in 1ère) of class in English. They follow a combined language and literature course. Teachers work together on the planning and assessment of units of work.

Collège: 6ème, 5ème and 4ème

The programmes for these three years are based upon the National Curriculum for England and Wales, but its objectives and content cover those found in the corresponding syllabi of most English speaking countries. The following strands are developed through these first three years in collège:

  • Reading Literature from different genres and different historical periods.
  • Reading non fiction and media texts
  • Writing for different audiences and purposes
  • Spelling, punctuation, grammar and other skills.
  • Knowledge about the history and development of the English language.
  • Speaking and listening

Homework is set regularly to reinforce the work done in class and students are also given three in class common assignments during the year which are cross marked by the teaching team for that year group. Wider reading is also encouraged and students are required to read at least three English books during the year.


GCSE programme – 3ème and 2de

Students follow a combined two year course in GCSE English and GCSE Literature. Final grades are based partly on coursework and partly on examinations which take place in June of their 2de year.

  • English Language: 60% examination, 20% written coursework, 20% speaking and listening coursework.
  • English Literature: 70% examination, 30% written coursework


Five assignments need to be entered for the dual qualification, to show a range of different skills. The different categories to be included in the final folder are:

  • Original Writing
  • Response to Media
  • Pre 1914 Prose Study
  • Shakespeare
  • Post 1914 Drama

Oral work is also included in coursework; this is worth 20% of the final grade and based on three formal assessments during the course.
Wider reading is also encouraged and students are required to read at least three books during the year.

GCSE Examinations

The students will be studying an anthology of poems, for both English and English Literature exams, which is provided by the exam board. They will also study a set text for the Literature examination. They will sit three examinations at the end of Seconde which will examine these texts and a range of reading and writing skills.

  1. English Paper One (1¾ hours)
    • Section A – Reading response to non-fiction/media texts.
    • Section B – Writing to argue, persuade or advise.
  2. English Paper Two (1½ hours)
    • Section A – Reading response to poetry from different cultures and traditions. (Anthology)
    • Section B – Writing to inform, explain or describe.
  3. English Literature (1¾ hours)
    • Section A – Post 1914 prose text
    • Section B – Poetry, both pre and post 1914. (Anthology)

Lycée OIB programme

1ère and Terminale

Students follow a two year OIB programme in Literature. We offer two OIB options in the department and students may choose either the American or British Option:

American Option – Students read thirteen texts over the two years that include a range of works of literature from both American and European writers and a range of literary genres. The approach is comparative and in both the final written examination and the oral, students are encouraged to make links between the texts that they have read.

British Option – Students read six works over the two years and study them in depth. The works reflect a range of literary genres from different historical periods and were all written originally in English. The final examination and oral focus on the individual texts and students also have to write a critical appreciation of an unseen text.

Students are also encouraged to read widely, especially during the summer, and we have recommended some of our favourite books to them.