Students in the Anglophone Section take the following exams:

Option Internationale du Brevet des Collèges:
A French national exam taken at the end of 3ème. Students in the section take an oral exam in English.

GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education):
A two-year course in English Language and English Literature (3ème and 2de) which is examined at the end of Seconde.

Students also have the option of taking GCSEs in Maths as well.

The International Option of the French Baccalauréat (OIB):
This is an additional component to the French Baccalaureat. Students are examined in Literature and History & Geography in English at the end of Terminale.

Anglophone Section exam results (Anglophone students 2014)

Brevet: 100% Pass

GCSE Lang (A-C): 100% Pass

GCSE Lit (A-C): 100% Pass

GCSE History (A-C): 100% Pass

GCSE Media Studies(A-C): 100% Pass

GCSE Maths (A-C): 100% Pass (75%A*A)

OIB : 61 students / 16 TB (26%) / 20 B (33%) / 16 AB (26%)/ 1 Fail