Students in the Anglophone Section take the following exams:

Option Internationale du Brevet des Collèges:
A French national exam taken at the end of 3ème. Students in the section take an oral exam in English.

GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education):
A two-year course in English Language and English Literature (3ème and 2de) which is examined at the end of Seconde.

The International Option of the French Baccalauréat (OIB):
This is an additional component to the French Baccalaureat. Students are examined in Literature and History & Geography in English at the end of Terminale.

Anglophone Section exam results (Anglophone students 2017/18)

Brevet: 100% Pass

GCSE Lang (A-C): 95% Pass

GCSE Lit (A-C): 96% Pass

OIB : 100% Pass – 63 students / 23 TB (36,5%) / 20 B (32%) / 13 AB (20,5%) / 7 P (11%)