The Cité Scolaire Internationale

The Anglophone Section functions within and as part of the Cité Scolaire Internationale, which is a French state school with international sections.  It is composed of a primary and a secondary school and recruits children who are already fluent in one of the languages of its nine international sections:  Anglophone (English-speaking), Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Polish.

Students at the CSI receive between six and nine hours of teaching per week in their native language. The rest of the curriculum is taught in French and if necessary, there are intensive French and Maths classes to help non French speaking students integrate into the mainstream French classes.

Children starting in the first year of primary school must be 6 years old before 31st December of that year. They then spend five years in primary school before going on to collège, usually at 11 years old.  There are four years in collège after which students go on to three years of study in the lycée, ending with the French baccalaureate. In the Anglophone Section this is taken with the International Option and we are the only section in France to offer both the British and the American versions of this diploma.

The French school head is Mr Guinot (Proviseur), seconded by Mme. Houssemand  (Proviseur-adjoint) in the lycée, and Mme. Nakouri (Principal-adjoint) in the collège.  Mr Fino is the headteacher (Directeur) for the primary school. The Anglophone Section has its own managerial structure overseen by Robert Miller, its Head of section.

There are self-service restaurants for the three different age groups, with a set price for a three or four course meal which is cooked on the premises. Packed lunches are not allowed.

There are school buses for children in the primary school and collège. These are run by the municipal transport services (TCL) and cover most areas in and around Lyon. The city also has an efficient public transport service. More information can be found in the transport section of this website.