APESA board roles and committees

General Board Member role

  • Board Members are expected not only to give their opinion, but also to deliver work and report to the Board.
  • Regularly attends board meetings and important related meetings.
  • Makes a serious commitment to participate actively in committee work
  • Volunteers for and willingly accepts projects and completes them on time
  • Stays informed about matters, prepares well for meetings and reviews and comments on minutes and reports.
  • Gets to know other committee members actively, works to build successful working relationship and team spirit

Board sub-Committees (in no specific order)

Board members may sit on several sub-Committees. Each sub-Committee has a leader.

Communication Committee

Provides support and guidance on overall internal communications (newsletters, information mails etc) as well as ensuring regular updates to the website to reflect current news and activities in the Section. A review of the website needs to be carried out to enhance the attractiveness, user friendliness and overall appeal. The Committee will also help establish and develop the online Alumni community to expand effective communication between past members of APESA. Adhoc projects or communication programs such as brochures/marketing materials may also be carried out. Future responsibilities may be to create Media subcommittee to raise the external profile of the Section regionally, nationally and internationally.

Events Committee

Events are fun! The Committee plans and coordinates several significant events with the Welcome Committee during the academic year such as (but not limited to) back-to-school coffee morning, Christmas party, Teachers Social Events, Ski Day, Parents/Teacher Picnic. Additional occasions may come up during the school year requiring an event. The Committee Leader works closely on ad-hoc events with the Fund-raising Committee.

Fund Raising Committee

Establishes and implements a Fund-raising Plan. Initially identifies and solicits funds from external sources of support. Also works closely with the Events Committee to tie-in fund raising activities with events.

Budget Committee

Works with the Treasurer and Head of Section to prepare the annual budget for the Section.

HR Committee

Working closely with the Head of Section to promote a good working environment and working relations for the Teachers and Administrative Staff. Provides coaching and support to Management to enhance staff performance reviews. Oversees implementation and maintenance of personnel policies and procedures. Provides objective guidance on salary and working conditions. Supports Head of Section in crisis management.

Vision Committee

Composed of staff, parents and board members to develop a strategic plan clearly laying out where it will take the Section and detailing how to get there by grouping objectives into strategic areas.

Executive Committee


The President is responsible for providing overall leadership and establishing the overall long and short-term goals, objectives and priorities for APESA in order for it to meets the needs of the section. The President leads the Board Meetings, encouraging a full and fair discussion of issues while maintaining control of the process. The President also presides over the meetings of the General Assembly. The President does not act in isolation but consults regularly with fellow Board members especially in advance of taking any action, as the ability to plan and unite is critical. The President, and other designated representatives, have general authority to speak for APESA.

Specific responsibilities include :

  • Be the primary spokesperson for APESA to the Parents, CSI, other international sections, Rectorat/Education Nationale, Mairie de Lyon, Le Grand Lyon
  • Address Annual General Meeting
  • Chair the Executive Committee and Board meetings
  • A signing authority on behalf of the Board for financial and legal purposes
  • Arrange for Vice to Chair meetings in the absence of the Chair
  • Represent APESA at community functions
  • In conjunction with the Executive Committee set monthly Board meeting agenda
  • Enhance relationships with other CSI Sections, community groups and agencies
  • In conjunction with the Executive Committee provide guidance and leadership
  • Ensure Board members receive agenda and minutes in a timely manner


The Vice President supports the President. Often this position can be considered as preparation for succession to the President’s role.

Specific responsibilities include :

  • Performs President’s responsibilities when the President cannot be available
  • Reports to the President
  • Works closely with the President to ensure board development (identifies needed board member skills, suggests potential members if not enough elected members) and smooth succession in board roles (nominations, elections and transitions)


The Secretary is the recording director and custodian of records of the Board. And is sufficiently familiar with legal documents (by-laws, internal regulations, etc.) to note applicability during meetings.

Specific responsibilities include :

  • Prepares the minutes of board meetings, Annual General Meetings and Extra-Ordinary General Meetings in French
  • Registers the composition of the new Board at the prefecture
  • Prepares, circulates and sends out the agenda for each meeting
  • Ensure minutes are distributed to members shortly after each meeting
  • Ensures that copies of the minutes are filed in the APESA office and with the Prefecture
  • Prepares records of the board and ensures safekeeping of the boards records
  • Works closely with the President and Vice-President on the Board election process.

Vice –Secretary

The Vice-Secretary assists the Secretary in his/her role but is actively encouraged to participate in other sub-committees.


The Treasurer is the primary steward of APESA’s financial resources. The Treasurer serves as an advisor to the Board on the financial implications of all decisions proposed.

Specific responsibilities include :

  • Co-ordinates with the Section’s Accountant to manage the finances of the section in conformity with APESA’s financial policies, French Law and Fiscal requirements.
  • Chairs the budget committee and provides an annual budget to the board for discussion and to the AGM for approval by the members of the association.
  • Ensures development and board review of financial polices and procedures.


The Vice-Treasurer assists the Treasurer in his/her role but is actively encouraged to participate in other sub-committees.

If you feel you would like to be involved with the APESA Board we would be delighted to hear from you.