APESA board – FAQs

The APESA board has a two-fold role: As employer of the Anglophone section staff and custodian of the budget, setting school fees so that the APESA can pay its staff, overheads and social charges, and working with the head of section to ensure the management and development of the section, using funds efficiently towards its priorities.

It also has an equally important role promoting the Anglophone section both within the CSI and externally within the French education system, the city and local region. Board members will often support staff in the work of the Section, by helping to raise money, assisting with accounting or volunteering for specific projects.

Another important part of the board’s work is establishing Anglophone section’s culture. Through example, leaders foster a spirit where others contribute gladly, not reluctantly. By paying scrupulous attention to financial matters, and ensuring that government and other paperwork is filed properly, the board demonstrates a commitment to doing things right.

All this in the spirit of creating the right environment for the Section to develop and flourish!

Frequently asked questions


Can anyone run for a board position ?
All members of the Board must be parents of children in the Section and are expected to meet the qualifications outlined in the individual role descriptions. Any previous school board experience is welcomed.

What type of person are you looking for ?
Integrity is the number one requirement. Commitment follows closely behind together with the ability to work as a team member, offer support and motivation when needed, and work efficiently to deadlines. A sense of maturity, flexibility and adaptability when working across cultures is essential. An effective Board member is someone who focuses on what the Board as a whole wants to achieve and acts in accordance to ensure progress.

How long is the board term ?
Each Board member is elected for a period of two years, after which they can seek re-election.

How often does the Board meet ?
The Board meets monthly, during term-time with various additional phone calls and meetings among committees of the Board.

What is the time-commitment ?
This will vary per board position. Count on approximately 10 hours per month as a minimum, including monthly board meetings. The Presidential and Executive Committee roles obviously require a higher time commitment.

Please click here to find out more about the various sub-committees.

Who can I contact to know more ?
If you feel you would like to be involved we would be delighted to hear from you. For more information please contact us using the form below.