APESA board

The functioning of the English Section of the CSI is funded by a parents’ association known as the APESA (Association des Parents d’Elèves de la Section Anglophone de la Cité Internationale de Lyon), supervised by an elected board of parent-members.

The APESA is registered as a non-profit organization with the Préfecture de Police du Rhône (Ministry of Interior), and the parent board is the governing body for the association under French laws.

If you have any suggestions, enquiries, concerns that you would like to be brought to the attention of the board please contact us using the form below.

The board can have up to twelve elected members, half of whom are up for election every year.  Each board member is thus elected for two years.
Each year, after the new board has been constituted, the twelve members elect the four executive members of the board.

The four executive positions in the board are:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Meet the current board members

The board meets regularly with the Senior Management team of the APESA to discuss and review the functioning of the section. Board meetings are held as often as needed, typically once per month.

In addition, committees are formed to address specific issues and to prepare the ground work for board review and decisions.

Find out more about the board and the various subcommittees, or visit the APESA board FAQs.

Contact the board: