Admissions and school fees



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If the full admission package can’t be posted by 10th April, please email the main form at least to the corresponding email address by that deadline. As soon as it is possible, post a hard copy of everything (still mandatory). In any case, keep a digital copy of all the files.

Email addresses to use:

Primary: (only the completed main form to be emailed)



Any further changes to the procedure will be posted here.

Application and Admission to the Section

We offer children who are already fluent in English an education unique in the Lyon area: specialised English teaching within the French state system.

To enrol a child in the section, parents must first request an application form (see below for more details). After the completed application is returned, together with all the documents requested, a convocation to the admission tests  in English and, where appropriate, French and Maths, will be sent. Parents are informed of the school’s decision within a few days.

Once a child has passed the tests and is accepted into the CSI, a separate enrolment must be made in the Anglophone Section and the fees paid. These are adjusted according to the number of hours of English tuition per week.
Although part of a French state school, the Anglophone Section is fee-paying and is administered by a volunteer parents’ association, called APESA (Association des Parents d’Elèves de la Section Anglophone).

When a child is enrolled in the section, his/her parents automatically become members of APESA. The association has a governing board of twelve members who are elected at an annual General Assembly, for a period of two years. The Board decides on budgetary questions, i.e. the amount of school fees, salaries and expenditures, and is also the employer of teachers and administrative staff in the section.

The section is also a member of several educational associations such as ECIS, ELSA and ASIBA.

Application procedure for 2020/21

Please note that there is an administrative fee of 95€ per candidate. (payment instructions will be emailed separately by the Anglophone Section).

If you are unsure which class to apply for, here is a list of Class/grade equivalences for the French, English and American systems.

When & where to obtain an application form?

– Collège and Lycée: from 17th February 2020 at school (if you live in Lyon area) or by email (see instructions below)

– Primary: from 17th February 2020 by email (see instructions below) or at school

– For families from outside Lyon area: by  using the contact form, clearly stating your child(ren)’s full name, date of birth, class applied to and current school (city/country). The application form will then be emailed from the dates stated previously.

Admission Tests for 2020/21 – Dates, Deadlines & Info

– Enrollment forms return deadline:

10th April 2020 for Collège, Lycée and Primary

– Test dates for Collège & Lycée:

  • Online testing (sometimes in May/June, families will be contacted by the Section)

– Test dates for Primary:

  • 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th August at the CSI. Convocation to be sent in June.

Test Results

– Collège & Lycée: June 2020 (date to be determined)

Primary: 28th August (2pm – online –

The number of places in the school is limited. Admission may depend on the number of places available.
Continuation in the international sections is reviewed each year and will depend on the child’s performance and results.


Anglophone Section Fees 2020-21 (click on the links)

Please note that fees are subject to increase on a yearly basis.