Message from the Section/Board

Subject:  COVID-19

Dear Parents,

In response to the recent rapid and unpredictable spread of Covid 19, we wish to inform you of the measurements which are being taken in the Anglophone Section.

First, we are following the directions from the French school administration. The school will remain open unless it is officially closed by the Ministry of Education. All school trips have been suspended for the moment.

Second, we are exploring how we will be able to actively support the learning of your children, if the school is closed. In the older classes of Primary and all of College and Lycee, the students are already working with on-line resources. These will be developed in order to establish regular on-line teacher contact. For this to work, the students will need to have the means to access the internet outside school. Please can you contact us, if this is not possible to arrange. The Primary Teaching team will also provide other teaching resources for their classes.

Third, the administrative work of the section will continue on-line. We aim to keep you informed by our normal communication means eg email, Newsbite and the section website. Please avoid coming into the school and the Anglophone Section office whenever possible. Section meetings, such as the Spring meeting with the Board, will be suspended for the moment.

Four, the teachers have been provided with the WHO produced virus information pack. They aim to follow the suggested procedure in order to reduce the risk of infection in the classroom.  For this to be effective, we do recommend that if you and your children have been in contact with infected people that your children should respect the quarantine recommendations.

We live in challenging times and hence we need to work together as a community. We are taking the measures to ensure that your children are supported and will continue to develop.

Lara Bonucci, the APESA President and myself extend our best wishes to you all.

Rob Miller

Head of the Anglophone Section