How to enrol at CSI

We offer children who are already fluent in English an education unique in the Lyon area: specialised English teaching within the French state system.

To enrol a child in the section, parents must first request an application form from the appropriate CSI school head. After the completed application is returned, together with all the documents requested, an appointment will be made for the candidate to take the admission tests in English, Maths and, where appropriate, French. Parents are informed of the school’s decision within a few days.

Once a child has passed the tests and is accepted into the CSI, a separate enrolment must be made in the Anglophone Section and the fees paid. These are adjusted according to the number of hours of English tuition per week.

Although part of a French state school, the Anglophone Section is fee-paying and is administered by a volunteer parents’ association, called APESA (Association des Parents d’Elèves de la Section Anglophone).

Admission Procedure:

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