APESA Spring Meeting

Dear Parents,

As discussed at the APESA AGM last October we will be holding a Spring Meeting on Monday 18th March in the Salle des Conférences, from 18h15 to 19h45. This meeting will be an opportunity for parents to discuss the life of the Anglophone Section, ask any questions or raise any concerns. The Board will also give you an update on its recent activities, and the Acting Head of Section will also be joining us. As you know, many parents felt that it would be useful to have this kind of mid-year meeting as a way of keeping communication flowing between our AGMs, so please feel free to send us your questions (apesa.secretary@gmail.com) and RSVP by 11th March.

The CSI requires a list of people attending the meeting for security reasons.
The meeting will also be a chance for any one who would like to get involved with supporting the Section, our teachers and our students to put their hand up. There are many different ways of doing so, from volunteering in the libraries and helping out at events to considering standing for election to the Board.

Looking forward to seeing you on 18th March and, in the meantime, wishing you all restful – and as sunny as possible – winter holidays/vacation.

The APESA Board