The Ashgirl

You know the story, don’t you?

Forced to be a servant to her stepmother and stepsisters after the mysterious disappearance of her Father, Ashgirl lives a lonely and miserable life. Until one day, an invitation arrives…

You think you know the story, but this is Cinderella like you’ve never seen it before. An exotic and mysterious Prince, frustrated by his dull life in a new land; dark shadows prowling in the forest, preying on humans, entering them through any weakness in their soul; the ghostly figure of Sadness, despair, loneliness and misery personified… This is no ordinary fairy tale.

The Anglophone Section Drama Group is proud to present its newest production.
For 2 days only – Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th March, 18h00 in the Salle des Conférences – come and enjoy a fantastic show.

The play will last until 20h00 with a 15mn interval, refreshments will be available to buy. Suitable for all ages.