“Rentrée” 2015

Below is an outline of the dates and times of the rentrée for each school year group, but please check the detailed rentrée timetable for additional information about parent meetings, particularly for new students and their families.

You will also find more information on dates (e.g. school holidays) at the Key School Dates page.

Rentrée 2015 (first school day of the academic year)

  • Primary: 8.45am Tuesday 1 September 2015
  • Collège:
    • 6ème: 9.00am Wednesday 2 September 2015 (Collège hall)
    • 5ème: 9.30am Wednesday 2 September 2015 (Collège hall)
    • 4ème: 2.35pm Tuesday 1 September 2015 (Collège hall)
    • 3ème: 1.40pm Tuesday 1 September 2015 (Collège hall)
    • 2nde: 9.00am/9.30am Wednesday 2 September 2015 (Salle des Conférences)
  •  Lycée:
    • 1ère: 1.40pm Tuesday 1 September 2015 (Lycée entrance)
    • Te: 1.40pm Wednesday 2 September 2015 (Lycée entrance)

See the detailed rentrée timetable for more information