What’s On – June 2015

A guide to what’s on in the next month around the school.

Exams and revision days

There will be many exams throughout the school in June. Here are a few key dates for the Anglophone Section. Good luck to everyone taking exams this Summer!

  • 1st-5th June: 3rd conseil for Te, 2e, 3e
  • 1st June: Te revision day
  • 2nd June: Te revision day
  • 4th June: OIB witten LL exam
  • 5th June: OIB written HG exam
  • 8th-15th June: 3rd conseil for 1e, 4e, 5e, 6e
  • 17th-24th June – French Bac
  • 25th June- 1st July – OIB orals Lyon


Admissions into the school

As usual, June will be a busy month with prospective students taking admissions tests.

  • 16-19th June – Distance oral admission tests
  • 22nd-23rd June – College/Lycee oral admission tests
  • 24th June – College/Lycee written admission tests

More information on admissions.


11-12th June – 5th International Teachers and Advisors UCAS Conference

This two-day residential conference in the heart of London will provide a unique opportunity for our teachers to hear from the experts, network with representatives from UK universities and colleges and learn about the many resources available when we are advising our students on applying into UK further education.

More information available on the UCAS events website.


9th-10th June – Lycee drama group/ 2e option group: Macbeth/A Bridge too far:

18h – Salle des conferences


12th June – NewsBite

The June issue of NewsBite will be the last of the school year. Remember that the students play a large part in bringing NewsBite to you with news and views from the English section.

View past editions of NewsBite in the archive.


16th-26th June – no college classes


June 18th – Primary school Kermesse

The Summer Kermesse (fête) will be held on Thursday 18th June from 3pm to 6pm and is open to all sections and their families. The weather is usually very kind to us and it’s a great chance to spend the afternoon in the Primary playground and visit the various stands of the international sections.

As usual there will be a tombola and various other games to play, as well as goûter for all.

If you would like to help on the day, please consult the planning sheet:  http://doodle.com/27mi9sua6s385hkz or contact Jo Tyrell. Set up is from 1.30pm so please come along and assist if you have the time.


25th June – CM2 Film Oscars



IntAward logo29th June – 2nd July – IA expedition

The International Award Programme for Young People is the international equivalent to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme in the UK. Open to 3ème students; continued in 2de and 1ère.

Started in 1991 in the section, the Award has grown regularly and has nearly 70 students enrolled this year.

The Award is a complete, internationally recognised programme of personal development for young people between the ages of 14 and 25.

More information on the award.